About Us


Many contributed to the success of Huruma Clothing Co., but the founders responsible for the initial creation and promotion of the clothing line were John Barnard and Prince Shamamba.  Mr. Shamamba, who was formerly a refugee from the camps of Eastern Africa, became a permanent resident of the United States.  In 2012, he founded a non-profit organization called HKATW (Helping Kids Around the World) whose mission was to improve the opportunities for disadvantaged children in these camps. Since Mr. Shamamba learned the art of tailoring in his former life as a refugee, he also had the necessary knowledge and contacts in Eastern Africa to establish a tailoring center near the camp where he was once a resident.  An associate of Mr. Shamamba, John Barnard, who had spent his career in sales and marketing in the biotechnology field, believed the promotion of the clothes from this region, uniquely beautiful with vibrant colors, would sell well in the United States.  The name Huruma was coined, and the marketing and promotion of the Huruma clothing line began.

Huruma empowers women in refugee camps by providing them the necessary resources (location, equipment and training) they need to generate an  income for themselves and their children.  This income can then be used to clothe and feed their families and, most importantly, educate their children so the quality of life in their communities will improve in the generations to follow.

100% of the net proceeds from the sale of Huruma clothing are invested in these women.  The Founders take no salary.  Their motivation is to help the less fortunate, to improve the quality of their life.  The word Huruma comes from the Swahili language meaning "compassion and sympathy".  

Learn more about HKATW (Helping Kids Around the World) at: www.hkatworld.org